It is an attack of fabrics of support of the teeth: the parodonte. There exist two possible demonstrations of the disease parodontale:

  • The gum disease, when it touches only the gum.
  • The parodontite, when it touches the gum and the alveolar bone which supports the teeth.


Causes of the disease parodontale

The diseases parodontales result from a bacterial aggression. Indeed, the bacteria which we all have in the oral cavity stick on the teeth (it is the dental plaque), then if they are not eliminated by brushing, transform themselves into tartar which, is much harder to him and could be eliminated only by professional techniques. These bacteria develop and create a pocket in which they release from the toxins which attack the gum and the bone of your jaws. All the patients are not prone same manner to the parodontaux problems. In particular, there exist many risk factors :

  • General risk factors: heredity, the stress, the tobacco, and certain general diseases support occurred of the parodontites.
  • Local risk factors: techniques of brushing badly controlled, unsuited dental care…

they worsen occurred of the parodontaux problems, because they cause an additional retention of dental plaque. However the disease parodontale is not inescapable, a controlled oral hygiene good can stabilize it, even to make it regress.