Essence on orthodontics

In Europe, a child on two needs a treatment of orthodontics. Vis-a-vis such a request, information on this discipline remains insufficient. To meet this request and these needs, the French federation of Orthodontics answers your main questions. Before the treatment.

With which age does have one to go in the orthodontist ?

A main part to leave the evolution of the 4 incisors the top and bottom or if there exists a great shift between the upper teeth and the lower teeth. Currently each child is entitled to a free oral assessment at 6 years and 9 years. Your dental surgeon will be able to alert you in the event of problem.

Does one have to give a teat ?

The answers are different according to the orthodontists: that avoids sometimes the inch, but if the parents choose to have recourse there, it must be physiological, attached by a grip not to fall by ground, and cleaned every day. In any case, it must be stopped as soon as possible and in the course of the day, it must remain with the bed at the house.

With which age does have one to brush the teeth ?

From 2 years, the parents can brush the teeth of the child gently, it will reproduce the gestures in the form of play. It will be able to correctly do itself the movement only around 5 years.

Why don't its teeth push back immediately ?

The final teeth are sometimes a little longer to leave, it is necessary that the root is rather thorough. But if the delay between the fall of the baby tooth and the evolution of final is higher than 6 months it is necessary to make a radio to see whether an obstacle is not present (like an oblique blocked tooth or an additional tooth).

How does the growth do without the teeth ?

The teeth push in two times: initially the incisors, then after a latency time the premolars and the canines evolve. Finally the 12 year old molars, then the wisdom teeth will supplement teeth.

Do its teeth push behind, that to make ?

The incisors of bottom evolve rather often a little behind baby teeth, it is normal and very often all returns in the order rather quickly, the baby tooth fall spontaneously. But sometimes the axis of eruption of the incisor makes that the baby tooth does not reabsorb. It is then necessary to consult its dentist who will decide to extract or not this tooth.

His teeth push ahead, do one does have to occupy himself some as of now ?

There is always a risk of fall and thus of fracture of the incisors top if they are too ahead. To consult an orthodontist will make it possible to know if a first stage of treatment is indicated.


Invisalign is the transparent alternative to the traditional treatments of orthodontics (metal rings).

Choose the transparency

Invisalign Teen belongs to the family of Invisalign products and was developed for the teenagers, the parents and the orthodontists who take into account the lifestyle and the specific needs of the teenagers. 

Invisalign Teen uses same Invisalign technology as that used for the adults, by gradually moving the teeth with a series of gutters in transparent and comfortable figure, without requiring the installation of metal elements.

But because the teenagers (and their mouth) are always moving, the gutters Invisalign Teen show specific characteristics :

  • Indicators of port of the gutters change color (of dark blue with light blue) to allow you, with you, your expert or your child to better follow and measure the respect of the time of port of the gutters.
  • Invisalign Teen especially was conceived and developed to take into account and to anticipate the eruption of the canines, the second premolars and the second molars throughout the treatment.
  • Six free individual gutters of replacement are included in the event of loss by the patient.


Smile !

he gutters Invisalign Teen are removable, the daily life of the teenagers is simplified. They can :

  • To brush the teeth, to use dental floss and thus to maintain a hygiene oral normal throughout the treatment.
  • To continue their normal daily activities, to eat and drink what they want, to make of the sport or to play of the musical instruments.
No the wire

The gutters Invisalign Teen are out of light plastic and are manufactured to measure for each patient, without metal sons or rings awkward which can in certain cases irritate the sensitive mouths or gums. 

Contact your orthodontist certified Invisalign Teen to know nearest if this treatment is adapted to your child. Invisalign Teen is transparent, comfortable and especially quasi-invisible. The teenagers rely more on them during the treatment. .