The occlusodontie is a branch of stomatology and dentistry (term more running to indicate the therapeutic acts of the Dental surgeon) which aims at restoring a good function, or physiological function, within all the components of the mouth. That as well relates to good contacts between your teeth, or dental occlusion, that a physiological function of the muscles which mobilize the jawbones, or posture of the jaws.


The causal therapy requires a thorough knowledge of pathology and a systematic diagnosis. It tends to the elimination of the primary cause of symptomatology. The symptomatologic therapy aims to act primarily on the pain without knowing nor to seek the exact etiology of the lesion.

The means of treatment are :

  • The dialog
    Sometimes if the patient is listened and reassured by the benign character of his affection, if it is informed on the operation correct of its musculature (masticatory, postural and of mimicry) and made conscious of its parafonctions and if it is encouraged by a good forecast, that can be enough to solve the problem. In certain cases, it is necessary moreover to teach the practice of exercises to him aiming removing the parafonctions and at restoring physiological masticatory movements.
  • Gutters
    (or plans of bite) made out of resin and recovering all the teeth of the upper maxilla in general removable and are carried during the night. They modify in a reversible way the articulated dental one and decrease the overloads of the musculature and the articulations. They make it possible moreover to change the position of the condyles and can be thus an element of diagnosis.


The psychological support or psychiatric can be considered when the factor of stress cannot be isolated.