Laser | SLHC

The laser Kavo Key 3 - a technique of utmost precision which is appropriate for many indications.


Effective detection and specifies deposits, followed by their total eliminiation.
The system “feedback”, single in its kind, makes all the light… on the deposits.


Elimination carefully, rapid and durable of the decays.
With this novel method, guarantor of an effective elimination of the substance carieuse and equipped with a spray of patented cooling, a new course has just been crossed in terms of “painless” treatment.


Effective cure of perished-implantites.
Also a setting naked of the implant without damaging allows surrounding fabrics.


For interventions effective, cautious, and guarantors of a cicatrization without necroses.
The interventions carried out with the laser Key 3 are characterized indeed by their nontraumatizing character and a maximum safeguarding from fabrics from where them fast cure and practically without necroses.


The germs do not have any chance.
Indeed, after disinfection and drying of the root canal; the laser Key 3 proves against them of a frightening effectiveness.