The endodontical treatment consists with :

  • To eliminate what remains infected or potentially infected living tissue with l interior of the tooth (dental pulp).
  • To clean l interior of this tooth well, by a mechanical action: scraping of the interior surface of the pulpar channels (with l´aide of manual or mechanical endodontical files), associated with a chemical action: irrigation with sodium l´hypochlorite (bleach diluted to 3%), which is disinfecting it most effective.
  • To format the canal light jusqu´au foramen apical, with l´aide of manual files or mechanized files so that the solution of irrigation penetrates everywhere.
  • To dry the canal system.
  • To carry out canal l obturation, generally with l´aide of gutta-perched heated or cold, related to the dentinal walls with canal cement (generally a mixture of Oxide of Zinc and Idothymol called pastes of Roy).

For that the dentist generally carries out a local anesthesia, so that the gesture is not painful. (the tooth, even partially necrosed, generally sensitive remainder) an adequate opening is carried out on the level of the face occlusale of the tooth, to reach fiscal and radicular pulp.

Then the tooth will have to be reconstituted, is with a coronary obturation if this too not dilapidated tooth n´est, is by a prosthetic reconstitution (crown) if it is dilapidated too much, so d´assurer l etancheity of the treatment and to prevent that the root is not recolonisée by the bacteria.